Mobile development

Grow your business with mobile apps


We build exclusively native applications, devoting ourselves to development and design. It’s our way of creating products that your users will love.

Customised Needs

The base for a successful outcome is also applying the right technological strategy. At Hyfatech, we know about technology. But most importantly, we choose the right technology to achieve the expected results you want and, therefore, help you improve. Because if misused, technology is as useless as a chocolate fireguard.

Grow your business with risk-free mobile solutions

Crafting the roadmap to app success, one strategic decision at a time.

Turning visions into exceptional apps that resonate with users.

Keeping your app running smoothly so you can focus on what matters most.

Getting your app noticed, loved, and downloaded by the right audience.

Major Technologies

Delight your users with expressive and feature-rich native iOS / Android, cross-platform or Progressive Web Apps leveraging our extensive experience of working with all major technologies.

iOS App Development

We have all the expertise you need to produce fully-fledged, stable, and scalable mobile applications, including:

01. iPhone App Development
02. iPad App Development
03. Apple Watch App Development
04. Apple TV App Development
05. App Clips Development

Android App Development

Using the latest technologies, we help businesses establish their presence on any modern device and platform, including:

01. Android Mobile App Development
02. Android TV App Development
03. Android Tablet App Development
04. Android Wear App Development

Cross-platform App Development

Get top-notch mobile applications that run on multiple platforms costs while providing your users with an app that fits their OS. Use this alternative to reduce costs and time-to-market and to reach more users without loss of quality, including:

01. Hybrid Mobile App Development
02. Hybrid Tablet App Development
03. Hybrid TV App Development

Progressive Web App Development

Build Progressive Web Apps that combine the best technical solutions applied in mobile and web applications beneficial in terms of the ease of development and distribution, as well as a number of other advantages for your business. Talk to our experts to discuss:

01. Cross-browser Web App Development
02. Responsive Web App Development
03. Offline Web App Development



Our App Development Process

Research and development

During this phase, we help you finalize the functions list, prepare the technical requirements, and develop the application architecture with a roadmap of interactivity (UX). We can also make an interactive prototype and test it with a focus group.

Design and animation

Design is everything your user interacts with. The better the impression your product makes, the more users it attracts. We avoid cookie-cutter solutions, creating an individualized design for your unique audience.

Backend development

Most applications involve data. Depending on functionality, this may include storing user data, storing photo and video content, search, showing actual products, and more. API documentation is tailored to communicate with mobile applications.

Mobile development

This is where we develop the confirmed design and dive into business logistics. We build products exactly as they were during the design phase, no short cuts or simplifications. Based on client needs, we also make micro-animations and transitions between screens.

Quality assurance

The development lifecycle involves continuous integration with end-to-end testing. The testing phase is separated only in word, never in deed: testing begins at the first sprint and ends with acceptance testing, which includes performance and real data testing.

App release

We’re here to help with launching apps and prepping any necessary materials. This may involve a promotional video, text with key words for Apple Store and Google play, ASO expertise, and working out a strategy for moving forward.

Our Works

To see us in action, explore our work. Our internationally acclaimed, award-winning projects lift us above the crowd.